Community Cooking


Need to learn how to cook a healthy, quick meal on a budget? Then why not come along to our fabulous Community Kitchen classes. This group decides on the recipes, purchases, ingredients and makes all types of nutritious meals to eat on site or take home later. A great way to socialise and learn new skills.

What is a Community Kitchen?
A group of people with similar interests or backgrounds who get together to cook, socialise and meet a few times a week to prepare affordable nutritious meals.
Group members make all the decisions including when to cook, what recipes to cook, who will do the shopping and different cooking tasks.
Each group will generally cook 2-3 recipes in a cooking lesson. This will allow everyone to have at least one serve of each recipe, usually one main meal and one sweet/dessert.
The group then get together to share the meal and divide it up for each person to take home and enjoy!

Benefits of Community Kitchens.
Here is a list of positive outcomes from the cooking program.

Social skills – communication and interpersonal skills.
Teamwork and leadership skills – working with others, taking a leadership role.
Budgeting – writing shopping list, putting money aside, buying in bulk or on sale.
Cooking – learning new recipes, cooking techniques.
Shopping – saving money on food costs.
Greater motivation to cook at home and reduced intake of takeaway/fast food.
Access to food – increased availability of food, increased variety.
Literacy and numeracy.
Confidence and self esteem.

Who comes along?
Community Kitchen’s welcome anyone to come along !

People of all ages from primary school aged children to older persons
People with disabilities
Indigenous community members
People from migrant and refugee backgrounds
General community members

They are for anyone and everyone.

For more information contact us!